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Das Apartment - the Webseries from Berlin

So to give people an Idea what we've been doing with the webisode of Das Apartment, I thought of putting down a couple of lines to share them with you. 

Mathieu and Edvard in Episode 2 - Heideggers Cat

Das Apartment started when I approached Nicole Ratjen,Edvard Lammervo and Mathieu Pelletier in order to see if they would be interested in being part of a fictional flat share. And, yes they were. So I wrote a first sketch which ended up being a considerable part of the episode. But before we got to shoot it we used improv just to get a feeling on how they could possibly behave. For me it was a priviledge just to sit out and see them work with each other because that gives you a hell lot of fodder to think and write. The suggestions for the first improv were Cake and the second one was Yogurt. We played a couple of different sessions with each suggestion and they led to different results. Sometimes the interaction was great sometime there was a line or an idea that made it into the script but regardless of what ended up being used, and what was discarded, it was fun seeing them deal with a script and improvising on top of that. Edvard, who plays Lenni, used the cake suggestion to make up a fact that went straight into the script. The cake was Zu Verschenken. The tough part though when writing after an improv session is figuring out how to build ideas into scenes that are connected, because often ideas are great, sometimes even brilliant. However they very often have that stand-alone characteristic. Basically many improv ideas are short-lived albeit imensly intense.  And that's where writing, structuring/plotting and rewriting comes in. Getting a stucture in which the dialogue
allows everyone to know what is supposed to happen, yet giving the actors more freedom to deal with lines. Sometimes adding some words, a thought, sometimes just using the idea that was found in the script. 
Now, I had written down the masturbation part, the DHL guy, or the story of a woman named Kerstin arriving in the apartment. But some aspects remained open. For instance what will Lenni say while masturbating? During the Shoot  I just gave Edvard some pointers: Obedience, Punctuallity and learining German. What Edvard made out of it is just funny improvised acting. But then fitting Teresa's Dominatrix role, to say some lines that would somehow fit, was again scripted work. Some lines need to be written, otherwise they never really pan out (to Paraphrase the Schoppenhauer moment in Episode 1, which was scripted. Other moments of dialogue can just occur, as long as we all know where we want to go with it. In the follwing episodes we worked closer to the script. And we worked more outside of Das Apartment. The idea behind it is to show some other sides of this multifaceted city. And also concentrating on one character. In episode 2. we follow Rachel. In Episodes 3&4 we wrote and shot with a similar approach. Shedding some more light onto Chris and Lenni.

guest actor Mala Ghedia as Prya in Episode 2
Currently we're busy working on the rest of the first season. after we won the first prize of the Yourturn Competition, which handed out by Elmar Gingliger and Youtube Star @Lefloid who were representing the jury. It wasn't just a trophy but 25.000 and taking the responsiblity to shoot more episodes. That sounds like a bulk of money, and it is a great place to be in. However we're still very much in the low-to-no-Budget area.But if weren't for the prize we probably would be shooting in a completely different manner. So here is our opportunity to say Thank you! We are in a great position to do things. and that's exactly what we are doing, feeling blessed and lucky!

Here is the first Episode1 "Cake&PlasticBags" and our Pilot.

And here is Episode 2 "Heideggers Cat". 

Currently I am busy plotting Ep. 5 with Kyra Jungck and we are also editing Episode 3. "La Deutsche Vita" with a German/Italian guest and Dude named Marcello, and Davide Brizzi in real life. What do you know about the poliamorous nature of bees? And how does it affect us? Stay connected for Episode 3!

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