Wednesday, 4 March 2015

On - The Old Man & The Country - Music Video

So this is what happened recently video-wise. I was lucky enough to work with Apples in Space, who are currently touring Germany, on their song the Old Man and The Country. Why is that such a great thing? Because working with music for a video clip is a zillion times more enjoyable and creative when you're already a fan of the song. 

Regarding the process, and focusing on the content, it was a redo from a former version with footage form fellow visual artist Jannis Greff who built the in-TV comps and created an analog xerox effect. He also found and selected a great deal of found footage which builds a whole layer of content itself. We ended up using less of the original clip and it turned into what you see above. Even if the process and the reshoot changed look of the performers and the clip alltogether, It was based on the first concept. It is not only safe to say that the first version gave the clip enough fodder (footage) to work with in the final edit, But also it gave me ideas on what to shoot for this version. Some of my favourite shots didn't make it into the final edit, like some scenic references to the Renaissance image in the middle of the clip. However after having shown it to various people I believe that it actually helped the music video in hindsight. - Kill your darlings and shoot with good musicians.

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